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The final results report symposium has closed. The staff would like to express their sincere appreciation to the many people that attended.

Future aims for the fishery culture industry

It is now nearly five years since the Kinki University 21st Century COE Program 'Culture Industry Support Research Center for Bluefin Tuna and Other Fish' was opened.

Even during this time, the growing global population has known no bounds, global warming has seen abnormal weather phenomena and natural disasters, and a significant drop in agricultural production has raised fears of a food shortage.

Meanwhile, if we switch our focus to marine life, we see danger having arisen over the depletion and the continued existence of biological resources due to overfishing, and global fishing regulations have come into place for bluefin tuna. However, much time will yet be required before we see a recovery in biological resources, and many unclear areas still remain within the underlying mechanisms.

At the Kinki University Fisheries Laboratory and Graduate School of Agriculture, research has been conducted into fish culturing for 50 years based on the academic intentions of the university, and great contribution has been made to the culturing industry not only in Japan, but throughout the world. The valuable data obtained at this COE center will be particularly vital in realizing a stable supply of bluefin tuna.

This symposium will be held to introduce the results of the research to date in a simple manner, and to consider together with the participants about the future of the culture industry for bluefin tuna and other fish.

Please do feel free to attend.

<Development of the Culturing Industry for Bluefin Tuna and Other Fish - Kinki University COE Final Results Report Meeting>

Date/Time: December 15, 2007 (Saturday) 1:00pm-4:50pm
Venue: Kinki University Higashi-Osaka Campus November Hall, Small Hall

(Master of Ceremonies: Shinsuke Torisawa, COE doctorate researcher)

Opening Greeting - 13:00-13:10 - Satoshi Munakata, Vice-President, Kinki University

Developing bluefin tuna culturing - 13:10-13:30 - Hidemi Kumai, COE leader, Fisheries Laboratory of Kinki University

Results Reports
1) Food Safety, Processing, and Animal Feed Group - 13:30-14:00 (Chair: A. K. Biswas, COE doctorate researcher)

Mercury in cultured bluefin tuna - Reality and attempts at reduction - Masashi Ando (Associate Professor, School of Agriculture)

Bluefin tuna sampling - 14:00-14:30 (Canteen, November Hall Basement 1)

2) Environmental Conservation and Source Dynamism Group - 14:30-15:00 (Chair: Gentoku Nakase, COE doctorate researcher)

Self-cleansing ability and environmental conservation in culturing waters - Mitsuru Eguchi (Professor, School of Agriculture)

Body temperature changes, swimming, and food intake in cultured bluefin tuna - Wataru Sakamoto (Professor, School of Agriculture)

3) Seedling Production and Culture Group - 15:00-15:30 (Chair: Kenichi Yokoi, COE doctorate researcher)

Bluefin tuna maturity - Manabu Seoka (Instructor, Fisheries Laboratory)

Bluefin tuna seedling production - Causes of fishkill and prevention methods - Yasunori Ishibashi (Associate Professor, School of Agriculture)

Break 15:30-15:40

4) Economics and Distribution Group - 15:40-16:10 (Chair: Naotomo Nakahara, COE doctorate researcher)

Tuna culturing industry business systems - Takeshi Hidaka (Associate Professor, School of Humanity-Oriented Science and Engineering)

Issues and prospects for the tuna culturing industry, focusing on Japan - Seiichiro Ono (Professor, School of Agriculture)

5) Group intersection - 16:10-16:40 (Chair: Yoshizumi Nakagawa, COE doctorate researcher)

Research results with group intersection - Shigeru Miyashita (Professor, Fisheries Laboratory)

Verifying development and viability of bluefin tuna formula feeds - Kenji Takii (Professor, Fisheries Laboratory)

Closing Greeting - 16:40-16:50 - Hiromi Ohta, Special Director of Fisheries, School of Agriculture

Participation application
Please give names and telephone numbers either by telephone, fax, or e-mail (maximum 150 persons).
COE Office, Uragami Testing Center, Fisheries Laboratory, Kinki University

Telephone: 0735-58-0116
Fax: 0735-58-1246

(* No applications will be accepted after the maximum number has been reached. Thank you for your understanding.)

Symposium schedule
No more symposiums are scheduled.

Reports of previous symposiums
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- 2004: COE Symposium

21st Century COE Seminar
Competition and response in import and domestic sale business for cultured tuna
-Looking at business restructuring in small/medium companies-
Naotoshi Yamamoto (COE doctorate researcher, Economics and Distribution Group)
November 14, 2007 - 18:00-19:00
School of Agriculture - New Classroom Building, Classroom 212

This research has been conducted with the aim of identifying the structural changed and the issues inherent thereto within the cultured tuna food system, looking at the corporate behavior of economic bodies from upstream to downstream, and their mutual relationships.

Specifically, I started by 1) analyzing the characteristics of the cultured tuna distribution and market expansion processes, before looking at 2) the mass retailers that represent the core consumers, and 3) the purchase and sales behavior of midstream and upstream companies. By looking at midstream-downstream as a single system and gaining a systematic understanding of the industrial structure from the business philosophies and links within the component elements, this research aims to demonstrate the basic knowledge required in strategies for continuous fishery management and marketing.

In this seminar, I will introduce 4) 'Competition and response in import and domestic sale business for cultured tuna'.

Seminar schedule

November 28 Doctorate researcher Taro Matsumoto
November 30 Professor, Fisheries Laboratory Kenji Takii
November 30 Doctorate researcher Yoshizumi Nakagawa
December 12 Doctorate researcher Naomi Yanagishita
January 16 Doctorate researcher Shinsuke Torisawa
January 30 Graduate school doctorate course D3 Yuji Ohata
February 13 Doctorate researcher Shinichi Kitano

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- 2004: Internal COE Seminar

- COE group seminar

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