Future of aquaculture
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Future of aquaculture

Advanced technologies and industry-academic tie-ups toward food crises in the 21st century

Marine resource research beyond academic boundaries


Aquaculture Research Institute, Kindai University has dauntlessly pursued new ideas and has produced numerous results that have formed the foundation for aquaculture development. One particular success was to feed and train wild seawater fish into a hatchery species and raise them as egg-laying adults. They have gone beyond the boundaries of aquaculture by introducing research from outside fields, which has led to today's achievements.

In recent years, emphasis has been placed on basic research into fish nutrition, breeding, morphology, physiology, biochemistry and fish diseases, and attempts have been made in a broader range of aquaculture applications. The Aquaculture Research Institute will be working on new hatchery technologies in the future through tie-ups with organizations outside of academic circles.