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Activity Reports (In 2014)
On-site program (dispatch) in the first half
Thirteen short-term specialists were dispatched from Kinki University to provide onsite instruction, conduct experiments, and collect samples. Eight staff from ARAP and six staff from IATTC also took part.

An ARAP counterpart is producing samples for an experiment for culturing yellowfin tuna larval fish.

A short-term specialist from Kinki University and an ARAP counterpart examine the experimental results.

Short-term specialists from Kinki University give their activity reports at the JICA Panama Office.

Assembly and installation of a sea cage for yellowfin tuna
A sea cage 20 meters in diameter was installed for the Achotines Laboratory, off the coast of Panama, between February and March.

A bulldozer is used to clear and level the beach to secure an area for assembling the cage.

The cage frame being assembled.

The cage gradually taking shape

Two cages are now complete.

The cage is towed by a boat to where it will be installed.

The cage viewed from the laboratory.

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